Sinar Harian Coming To Pahang?

I saw banners advertising a (supposedly new) newspaper this morning that reads, “Sinar Harian, suara sebenar Orang Pahang”. It also has a tagline of “Lokal & Neutral” which means “Local & Neutral”. Does that mean some (if any) other newspapers are biased? Curious, I head over to the nearest newspaper stand to get myself a copy.

I left in disappointment when I was told by the man that the newspaper will only be sold in Kuantan on the 17th or 18th June 2007. I can’t confirm this though.

I did some searching and found the Sinar Harian website. According to mSTAR online, Sinar Harian focuses on the east coast news. Kelantan and Terengganu already have their copy for some time now. I wonder what took Pahang so long to get one of their own. I will grab a copy of the newspaper as soon as I can get my hands on one of them.

Their website is only available for the Kelantan edition. There are only a few full text articles in it. Others are one paragraph summary of the news, something that I’m not too fond with. If you are interested to read their news online, you can subscribe to their digital version.

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