15 Year Old Girl Had Sex 300 Times

There is this talk show, The Maury Show that once invited a mother and her troubled teenage daughter to the show. It was then exposed that the teenager had had unprotected sex over 300 times with 15 different men. She even bragged about having sex in a public place over 100 times at the school, park, mall, playground and staircase.

Her mission — to have a baby.

From the video, it is evident that she has no idea what she is getting herself into. Sexually transmitted diseases do not worry her. She doesn’t care what others think/talk about her. Heck, she has even called herself a sl*t. Well, not forgetting that she’s one damn annoying kid. I’d say she needed a good slap on the face.

She probably thinks that having a baby is no different from playing with a barbie doll. According to her, she has pacifiers, clothes, books, blankets and nothing else that she can’t steal for the baby. I wonder if she might just dump the baby into the trash after getting sick and tired of it.

Having said that, I feel that the worst individual in this whole episode isn’t the troubled teenager herself, rather the talk show producers and even the mother! It is a fact that the teenager needs help but what’s the point in “displaying” her to the world on a talk show? Get her professional help you idiots!

I can’t help but to think the whole show is nothing but an act. At least I hope it is. Or else the mother should get some professional help herself after sending her teenage daughter there. I don’t blame the show producers for hyping the whole ordeal — it does increase TV rating and the show “is often accused by critics of exploiting dysfunctional families and minorities” — but what does the mother expect out of the show? Public sympathy?

I don’t know if this is a true story. I can’t find any news article on this after doing some searches. All I found were blogs and forums highlighting this video. It’s strange that their local papers didn’t report this though.

14 thoughts on “15 Year Old Girl Had Sex 300 Times

  1. your right, this sounds so fake. It looks like really bad acting to me. I mean 3 times u catch her? If 1 time already you slap her silly!

  2. @Kitkat
    Yeah, got me as well.

    I’d probably whipped her with a rotan. Seriously, I would have got her some professional help. Why bother bring her to a talk show? I still don’t get it.

    @~Bee Nee~
    It’s very wrong as well. I wonder where/how she learnt it.

    Well, it could be fake. I mean, how she count to 300?

    Hahaha. I didn’t notice it at first. Oh well, as long as it says “AT” and not “WITH”, it should be fine ;-)

  3. Yerk… damn cheapo this girl… and i think they are making this up anyway, so that she can be famous as well… and if she is doing it 300 times, tell you she should have STD liao… (=_=)”

  4. @evie
    I guess it’s true. If she’s done it 300 times with 15 different guys unprotected, I’m afraid the possibility is very high.

  5. @anthraxxxx
    Hehe. In that show, there’s one part where they ask the audience to play detective and try to identify which is real and which is not. I think this fits there quite well. I still have no idea if this story is real.

  6. omg if this story is true than this girl is a total unrespectable sl*t.(sorry about my language) first of all lots of girls that are 15 are virgin, even if their not they don’t go round having sex with 15 different guys 300 times.. if this is a true story she needs to talk to someone experienced like a mental doctor lol… poor girl

  7. What the hell im 17 & ive only had sex once with my boyfriend & we’ve been together for 2years. That girl needs help she’s crazy. Wtf !

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