A Dream So Intense, So Real

If you Google for Why Do We Dream?, you’ll get a long list of results. Many questioned why we dream. Is there any effect to someone’s body when that person dreams? Is there any side effect when someone dreams?

According to this article on top dream theories, some researches suggest that dreams have no purpose at all. On the other hand, some believe that dreaming is essential to the mental, emotional and physical well-being of a person.

Some even believe that dreams have a meaning to it. All you need is just a guide to interpret dreams. A quick search brought me to this online guide to dream interpretation website. I say that it is quite a good read if you are interested or curious about dreams.

One thing I find fascinating about dreams is the ability or inability for us to control it. Most of the time, I am just a passenger in my dream and don’t even know I was dreaming. However, there were a few occasions where I knew I was dreaming and was able to somewhat control it. They call it lucid dream.

I was not able to fully control the progress of my dream on the very first try though. In fact, I never did manage to have total control, only partial. The first couple of times, I woke up immediately after I realized that I was dreaming. After a few more “practices”, I was able to play “director” in my own dream. It felt pretty cool I must say.

Some dreams can be so intense and real to the point that I wake up feeling confused. At times, the negative feeling caused by a dream can lasts for hours before it ends.

Have you ever experienced anything like that in the past? Have you ever wondered if it is possible that two (or more) people “meet” in a dream?

5 thoughts on “A Dream So Intense, So Real

  1. yea occasionally will have these kind of dreams. some good some scary. i wish for those scary ones, i would have the strength to snap from my dream and wake up. but nope, i slept like a pig till morning. is fatique related to dreams? the more tired we are, the higher chances we dream?

  2. hmmm.. makes me wonder, what trigger u to write this post? some dreams can be so real at times. for instance, u find ur pillow wet when u are awake from sleep coz u were crying in ur dream.. i had experienced similar situation where i dreamt my bro fell on his bum and i woke up laughing coz it was so hilarious .. hahahha … *evil laughter*

  3. @lazyfellow
    Haha. Well, I heard something relating dreams with fatique but not sure which way it is — tired we dream or the other way round.

    Errr…I had a dream? LOL. Are you sure those are tears and not saliva? Which bro? Hope not number 2. Hahaha.

  4. I just had one of the scariest f***ing dreams I have ever had, just now. As you can probably see, it is very early in the morning. And I just woke up thinking I was going to die.
    The noise I heard before I woke up was a lot of fast, hard, running noises upstairs, and it could have been fruits from my bowl that fell off but now I’m too scared to check because of this dream.

    I think what you said about dreams being real can and will have a great impact on peoples thinking, and logic. I don’t know why I can’t go out there, but I know why I’m petrofied.

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