Dec 02

Streamyx the Only Choice for Heavy Broadband Users?

I hate to say this but it is true. In some scenarios, Streamyx (love it or hate it) offers the best package compared to the other Internet broadband providers in Malaysia. You will disagree if you are not experiencing the optimum speed for the package you have signed up for. In that case, check out these tips on how to diagnose and solve common Streamyx problems.

I am sharing my broadband Internet access together with a few others in my rented place. Watching Youtube, networking and playing games on Facebook, downloading files from file sharing sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile, etc, and whatnots happen around the clock. If you are in my situation, Streamyx is the perfect choice, if not, the only choice – provided you get to enjoy the optimum bandwidth speed you subscribed for.

Digi Broadband Extreme plan

Today, I was asked if I agreed to convert the existing Streamyx line to Digi broadband. I was told that the Digi broadband package offers a download bandwidth of 7mbps and costs around RM188. A quick check on Digi’s website revealed that the package could be the Digi Extreme Plan. The 7 times increased bandwidth was very tempting and I did not mind the slight increase in cost. I have to admit that it all sounded too good to be true.

After reading the fine prints and FAQ, the “catch” was found. Q17 in the FAQ reads:

Question: What is the usage limit for these broadband packages?
Answer: The Extreme package comes with a data quota/usage limit of 20GB. Usage beyond 20GB will be free although the speed will be throttled to 128kbps.

Streamyx Super Upgrade Deals - Free 4 months

The 20GB limit may be more than enough for some but definitely not in my place. I doubt it would last a week. If the guys do not mind “enjoying” a mere 128kbps bandwidth (which is equivalent to twice the speed of conventional dialup), I say go ahead. I am staying out.

 If you are in my situation, where you enjoy a stable Streamyx connection and speed but would need more bandwidth, check out their Super Upgrade Deals page. In short, you get to upgrade to the next package for free the first 4 months, and need only pay an extra RM5 to RM11 each month thereafter. The catch is that there is a 24 months minimum contract.

If I get to choose, I’d go for the Super Upgrade Deal promotion or at least an upgrade to a true unlimited 2mbps package for the same price. Never any mobile broadband packages if I am sharing my Internet connection with other heavy broadband users.

So, is Streamyx the only choice for a heavy broadband user? Worse, a group of heavy broadband users? Or did I miss some new broadband providers or promotions?