Sep 01

Why Called KFC, Not Kentucky Fried Chicken Anymore?

Why the “It’s finger lickin’ good” restaurant no longer called Kentucky Fried Chicken but referred to only as KFC? Is there something wrong with the food (eg. chicken) that KFC is serving to its customers?

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) rebranding itself

I have had a few conversations in the past on why KFC no longer use the name Kentucky Fried Chicken. Honestly, I never thought that there was anything fishy about it. To me, it was nothing more than a fast food chain rebranding itself. However, not everyone I spoke to shared the same sentiment.

“They can no longer use the name Kentucky Fried Chicken because the chicken they serve isn’t real chicken! I heard that the chickens they breed are genetically modified so that they do not have feathers on them. This will then save them time because they do not need to pluck them off their body.”

I have never read of stories where chickens were genetically modified to be featherless before. Therefore, I only took what I heard as a rumour. However, if people can clone a sheep and genetically modify a durian so that it does not stink, the featherless chicken claim sounds possible.

On top of that, I saw this video on YouTube starring Pamela Anderson that claimed that chickens served by KFC were abused during the breeding process. The video showed how the chickens were stepped on, thrown onto the wall and even kicked like a football by the workers in the slaughter house. Not a pretty sight to say the least.

However, I wasn’t just going to accept this hearsay as a fact without first doing some research myself. A quick search on Google revealed otherwise.

KFC Mutant Chickens
KFC — Urban Legends

You see, Kentucky Fried Chicken rebranding itself to KFC really has nothing to do with how their chickens look like pre-cooked. Firstly, the fast food chain was trying to get rid of an unhealthy image due to the word fried. Secondly, it wanted to lose deemphasize on the word chicken because they wanted to open up their menu to offer a more varied menu.

This is true, no? When you talk of KFC, chicken comes to mind. When you talk of McDonald’s, you have burger and fries.